Our Times 3

David Mandel

  • Understanding Alexei Navalny

    Alexei Navalny’s courage and tenacity, as well as his tactical skill, cannot be doubted. But a large majority of Russians do not see him as a credible alternative. Although Russians are far from enamoured with the present regime, in the traditional Russian fashion, based on historical memory, they fear what might come to replace it. And they do not have to look far to see the altogether dubious results of populist movements in the former Soviet Union.

  • They dared: The legacy of the October Revolution

    The legacy of the October Revolution for the left today is, in fact, the least ambiguous. It can be summed up in two words: “They dared.” By that, I mean that the Bolsheviks, in organizing the revolutionary seizure of political and economic power and its defence from the propertied classes, were true to their mission as a workers’ party: they provided the workers with the leadership that they needed and wanted.

  • Understanding the civil war in Ukraine

    The roots of the Ukrainian conflict are domestic and profound; outside intervention, while significant, is a secondary factor. David Mandel explores the complexities of the conflict.

  • Ukraine Between ‘Popular Uprising for Democracy’ and ‘Fascist Putsch’

    The geopolitics around the Ukraine are incredibly volatile, with conflicting interests and histories slowly playing themselves out. David Mandel examines this fragile political struggle.

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