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Christo Aivalis

  • Jenica Atwin’s floor-crossing puts Green Party on death’s door

    On June 10, Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin announced that she left the Green Party to join the Liberal Party. While floor-crossings are relatively common in federal Canadian politics, the impact of this move is a massive one on the tiny Green caucus, now reduced in size by one third. Where this leaves the Greens, the Liberals, and Atwin’s principles are all set to be major topics of discussion.

  • Canada’s genocidal past and present exposed with mass Indigenous child grave

    It is one thing to recognize our society as having genocidal roots in the distant past. But the reality of Indigenous genocide, in particular children kidnapped and killed in the manufactories of murder otherwise known as Indian Residential Schools, confronts us today, and what we see in the here and now is the ongoing genocide of Indigenous people and cultures.

  • Avi Lewis brings bold Green New Deal vision to NDP campaign

    It’s official: Avi Lewis is running for the NDP in the next federal election, which may well happen later this year. He secured the nomination for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country in late May, and has hit the ground running on his campaign. According to Christo Aivalis, Lewis has an opportunity to make a real impact on Canadian politics within the formal arena.

  • Trudeau and Biden continue support for Israeli apartheid despite public pressure

    It is undeniable that the current scope and intensity of criticism towards Israel is unprecedented, and lobby groups designed to silence these critiques are failing to control the narrative as they so often have. Will this shift allies of apartheid like Trudeau and Biden? Almost certainly not. But the world is watching, and this moment will be remembered in future generations as a watershed.

  • NDP takes major turn by condemning Israeli attacks on Palestine

    Many will rightly say that the NDP’s position still needs to be stronger in favour of Palestinians and their liberation. But make no mistake, writes Christo Aivalis, despite this being a first step, it is still a historic one. With continued pressure from activists within and beyond the NDP, hopefully it can become a rare beacon of justice for Palestinians among mainstream parties in the Western world.

  • Ford and Trudeau are sacrificing workers to protect corporate profits

    Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are not the only COVID villains in this country. But, as Canadian Dimension columnist and author Christo Aivalis points out, as leaders of Canada’s largest jurisdictions, they have among the most power, and can do the most good. Instead, they have chosen to sacrifice workers and trample on their rights when they need help the most.

  • Liberal budget fails to meet the crises facing Canadians

    Yesterday’s 2021 federal budget tabled by Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland fails to meet the needs of Canadians during the greatest crisis facing this country since the Second World War, writes Christo Aivalis. While there are certainly decent elements in this budget, the flaws and omissions are too significant, leaving notable space on the left to critique and improve upon it.

  • Doug Ford is killing Ontarians and violating their civil rights

    Doug Ford’s latest measures to fight COVID-19 will do nothing to actually stem the tide of the pandemic, but they will put the blame on working class people, steal their public spaces, allow profiteers to enrich themselves off employee suffering, and give the police dangerous powers which will almost certainly be levied against the most vulnerable Ontarians.

  • 2021 NDP convention day three: Party offers roadmap for a better Canada

    The 2021 NDP convention wrapped up today, and it provided a potential roadmap to NDP success in the next election, as well as a more just, equal, and humane Canada. And while the format of this convention didn’t fully facilitate member participation, their energy still shined though. The party must reflect that light and magnify it if it wishes to succeed.

  • 2021 NDP convention day two: Party takes historic step on Palestine

    The second day of the 2021 NDP convention remained deeply flawed from a technical standpoint, but historic votes indicate that the party membership is united in moving toward a more just Canada and world. Perhaps most importantly, the NDP adopted a progressive policy on Palestine, endorsing sanctions on Israel, including a ban on trade with Israeli settlements and an arms embargo on Israel.

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