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Carlyn Zwarenstein

  • Drawing the Line on Anti-Semitism

    Remember Tolstoy’s “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”? Genocides and war are like that, too. They are each incomparable. As you surely know, millions of Jewish people like me (together with a substantial contingent of homosexuals, Communists, Roma and others) were cattle-carred to Nazi concentration camps, subjected to horrific medical experiments, labour to death, gassing and other inhuman ways to live and die.

  • Hard-won Choice at Risk

    The Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada is promoting a Day of Action for Choice on April 25th with the slogan, “Your right to choose is at risk.” Pro-choice activists around the world are feeling insecure as never before – years of abortion clinic bombings and bloody fetuses notwithstanding. The April 25th event in Canada was timed to coincide with a March for Women’s Lives organized for that date by the U.S. Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations.

    While the pro-choice world has long had to protect itself from low-level (though often violent) nutcases, it’s far more disturbing when the extremists are camped out in the Oval Office. We should be paying close attention.

  • Patterns of upheaval

    Bolivia’s president just resigned following several days of popular and labour uprising and government repression. Once again in Latin America, the issue is one of access to resources (where isn’t it?) – the government wanted to export natural gas resources – Bolivia has Latin America’s largest natural gas reserves - to the United States and Mexico.

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