Our Times 3

Canadian Dimension

  • The Great Unraveling with Chris Hedges

    This talk was organized as a fundraiser for Canadian Dimension magazine. Support alternative media and give a donation and buy a subscription. The fundraiser was also supported by the Centre for Social Justice.

  • Celebration capitalism, protest and the Sochi Olympics

    We are delighted to bring you a feature interview with activist, author and former Olympic athlete, Jules Boykoff. We talk about the Sochi Winter Olympics, celebration capitalism, dissent and the history of Olympic political struggle.

  • Ecosocialism as Holistic Earth Care

    We speak to ecosocialism founder, Joel Kovel about creating national or global resistance movements; ecosocialist activism that moves beyond pressing for direct caps on polluters; and we get his take on the Dark Mountain Project, the UN biodiversity report and the implications of Deepwater Horizon.

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