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Burgess Langshaw-Power

  • Canada’s SMR ‘Action Plan’ banks on private sector nuclear pipe dreams

    Why would the Canadian government choose and promote nuclear energy over other cheaper and readily available renewable technologies? It is true that there are still major flaws with renewables, but given that most small modular reactors are a decade away (at least), and the cost of solar has already dropped 89 percent in the last decade, it seems unlikely that SMRs—whenever they are ready—will be competitive.

  • The environmental vaccine: How COVID-19 opens the door to a Green New Deal

    Governments around the world are comparing the resolution of the COVID-19 crisis to a war. After all, it was the New Deal and World War II that launched an era of globally unprecedented economic growth, prosperity and the swelling of the middle class. Let us use this ‘war on COVID-19’ and the Green New Deal to learn from our past mistakes, and prepare us for a socially and environmentally just future.

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