Brett McKay

  • Alberta’s Bill 1 and the ongoing suppression of Indigenous movements

    The province of Alberta may eventually be forced to repeal Jason Kenney and the UCP’s Bill 1—the Critical Infrastructure Defense Act—but in the meantime, standing in opposition to this draconian legislation that infringes on Indigenous rights must mean standing on the front lines with the communities who will be most detrimentally affected by it.

  • Organizing the unemployed in Alberta: Lessons from past depressions

    The fate of the Unemployment Leagues will be familiar to any student of social movements. But just as their members cautioned it would, record unemployment is again about to return. If we as workers want more than an extension until the next reckless cycle can be set in motion, we need to take up the challenge posed by these prairie radicals, refuse to submit to the demands of capitalism and rebel against it instead.

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