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Bianca Mugyenyi

  • Canada should strip charitable status from groups funding the Israeli army

    CRA rules state that “supporting the armed forces of another country is not” charitable. Yet newly released files confirm that the Canadian Zionist Cultural Association, a registered charity based in Toronto, supports the Israeli military. Canadian taxpayers should not be subsidizing an apartheid state, nor an Israeli military that is actively oppressing Palestinians.

  • A modest proposal for reimagining Canadian foreign policy

    Kim Campbell once said “an election is no time to discuss serious issues.” While most politicians would reject the former prime minister’s bluntness, they largely follow her logic, offering sound bites rather than substantial policy reforms. Recognizing the rigid parameters of electioneering, the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute has developed a concise, practical and cost-free foreign policy platform most progressive voters could endorse.

  • 76 years after Hiroshima bombing, time for a nuke-free world is now

    Nuclear weapons constitute one of the most serious threats facing humanity. On the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, it’s time to acknowledge Canada’s contribution to building the first atom bombs, express regret for the deaths and suffering they caused, and sign the United Nations Nuclear Ban Treaty. If the federal government is serious about supporting nuclear disarmament this is the least it can do.

  • What will it take to transform Canada’s foreign policy for the better?

    The international community’s rejection of Canada’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council was a message to Canadians to demand better from our government. And while difficult to sustain, it is grassroots anti-war and international solidarity activism that will change Canadian foreign policy for the better. If we want a foreign policy based on peace, human rights and care for the planet, the only way forward is to organize.

  • How Canada should respond to Israel’s escalating violence

    NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s recent call for an arms embargo on Israel is a welcome development. A halt to weapons deliveries is one way to pressure Israel, whose military has killed about 100 Palestinians, including 20 children, in recent days. While less discussed, however, there are even simpler ways to curtail direct Canadian involvement in Israeli violence against Palestinians.

  • Backlash over ‘Free Meng Wanzhou’ event reflects growing anti-China sentiment

    Calling to “Free Meng Wanzhou” is not an endorsement of the Chinese government’s unacceptable detention of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, nor its policies in Hong Kong or Xinjiang. Rather, it represents a much-needed effort to fundamentally reassess Canadian foreign policy and push back against the new Cold War on China.

  • New group of progressive MPs are challenging Canada’s foreign policy myths

    Green Party MP Paul Manly is at the forefront of a new group of progressive MPs—a ‘squad,’ if you like—willing to directly challenge the government on international affairs. New NDP MPs Matthew Green and Leah Gazan, joined by longer standing members Niki Ashton and Alexandre Boulerice, have shown the courage to call out Canada’s pro-Washington and corporate positions.

  • Canada does not need more warplanes

    There are numerous reasons Canada should not spend $19 billion on a fleet of warplanes, starting with the colossal cost. In what would be the second most expensive government procurement program ever, these funds could pay for light rail infrastructure in many cities, tens of thousands of units of social housing, and guarantee healthy drinking water on every Indigenous reserve.

  • Canada’s support for the Trump administration’s Venezuela policy

    Before the strongest measures were introduced, a study by economists Jeffrey Sachs and Mark Weisbrot found sanctions imposed by the United States were responsible for 40,000 deaths between August 2017 and the end of 2018. Yet Ottawa has not criticized the devastating US sanctions. Quite the opposite. It has egged the bully on.

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