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Arnold August

  • MAS returns to power in Bolivia one year after US-backed coup

    Despite a year of unbridled state repression, including massacres committed against supporters of former Bolivian President Evo Morales, who was deposed just weeks after being declared the victor in the country’s October 2019 election, the left-wing Movement for Socialism (MAS) secured a resounding victory on October 18 for candidate Luis Arce, Morales’s former finance minister.

  • Trump’s Venezuela regime change alliance dwindles, but Trudeau hangs on

    Canadians should take a critical stance towards the Trudeau government’s dubious attempts to oust the Maduro regime, including its failure to condemn Juan Guaidó for his partnership with armed US mercenaries to foment a violent coup within Venezuela. Anything less is an endorsement of generations of failed US-led policies in Latin America.

  • Canada on the wrong side of Bolivia’s fight to restore democracy

    The Trudeau government, in concert with the Trump administration and right-wing regional governments throughout Latin America, was instrumental in the 2019 coup against Bolivia’s first Indigenous leader, Evo Morales. What right does Canada have to intervene in Bolivia’s internal affairs? What can we do here to oppose the Trudeau government’s policies in Latin America?

  • Trudeau should withdraw from the Lima Group, rescind sanctions on Venezuela

    On June 17, the Trudeau government suffered a humiliating defeat by losing its bid for a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat to Ireland and Norway. It should be obvious by now that serious questions need to be asked about Trudeau’s foreign policy, especially with regard to Venezuela and the Lima Group.

  • Canada and the coup attempt against Venezuela

    The Trudeau government’s Venezuela policy is a disgrace to all peace-loving Canadians who support the right to self-determination. Is it asking too much for Canadian MPs to work towards a common ground, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, to demand that Canada rescind its sanctions against Venezuela, and rebuff the Trump regime for its support for the recent coup attempt?

  • Juan Guaidó left out in the cold at Gatineau Lima Group meeting

    Trudeau is being mandated once again to do Trump’s dirty work, opportunistically using his advantage over the other Lima Group members to directly reach out to Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere, hoping to steal the international spotlight and gain votes at the UN for the Security Council seat Canada currently covets.

  • Lima Group meets in Gatineau: Trudeau consolidates his position as main Trump ally

    Trudeau may seem to be victorious in his insatiable quest for international recognition to fulfill his goal of a seat on the UN Security Council, using Venezuela and Lima as the vehicle. However, he like Trump, are “emperors without clothes,” as their puppet Guaidó was booted out of the Caracas airport by the people when he landed after his international tour that included the US and Canada.

  • Why the Canadian government is confronting Venezuela

    Since the attempted US coup against Venezuela on January 23, backed by the Lima Group of which the Justin Trudeau government is an active member, Canada’s corporate media have joined in a chorus of hate and disinformation against the Bolivarian Revolution, with the criticism focusing on Nicolás Maduro, the country’s constitutionally elected president.

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