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Antony Black

  • Hotel Propaganda

    On the evening of April 6th 1994 a plane carrying the Hutu leaders of both Rwanda and Burundi was shot down as it approached Kanombe airport.

  • Web Exclusive: Critique of Impure Reason

    It is a nightmare phenomenon that virtually every ‘leftist’ thinker and activist has, at one time or another, encountered. Engaged in mortal argumentative combat with agents of the ‘right’, they find themselves punching in a total intellectual vacuum.

  • Web Exclusive: Crashing the Party

    Kim Jong-Il has been a busy little bee of late building and testing various missile systems much to the alarm of the likes of Taiwan and Japan. The question is, ‘Why?’.

  • Afghanistan: The myth of the good war

    Now in its eighth year, the US and NATO occupation of Afghanistan continues to grind on, its original—if entirely spurious—raison d’etre long since lost in the fog of war. Of all the paper-thin rationales, then, for the continuing occupation of Afghanistan, the notion that ‘we’ are somehow deeply concerned for the welfare of the Afghani people is the most stubbornly, the most patently delusional.

  • Web Exclusive: The Trojan Horse of climate ‘skepticism’ penetrates the walls of the indy media

    I have become increasingly aware that the ‘denialist’ stance, though entirely the result of a quintessential, corporate right-wing conspiracy, has penetrated substantial sectors of the ‘progressive’ independent media. These include such icons as Global Research, Counterpunch, and Brasscheck TV.

  • The Politics of Doubt: How climate skeptics have abused both science and the public trust

    Having lost the battle in the scientific arena, the skeptics have not only taken to the mass media to promulgate their cause, but have additionally resorted to the charge that they are not getting a fair hearing in this alternate venue.

  • Hypocrisy Over Haiti

    Much like the ‘dog that didn’t bark’ in the famed Sherlock Holmes’ story, the conspicuous media silence surrounding Haiti’s political past points straight to the heart of the mystery of Haiti’s shocking poverty. Unlocking, then, the rich, if tragic, chest of Haiti’s past is a necessary prerequisite if we have any pretensions to helping Haiti in the future.

  • War By Other Means

    Concerning non-Western elections, it is clear there is but one rule: if the results support pro-US candidates they are deemed ‘democratic’, otherwise they are automatically demonized as ‘fradulent’. The Iranian elections are no different, and the West’s support of Iranian protest and calls of election fraud do not have anything at all to do with the spirit of democracy.

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