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Andrew Nikiforuk

  • How citizens should respond to Omicron

    As the chaos spurred by the Omicron variant multiplies and our leaders retreat into insignificance, The Tyee’s Andrew Nikiforuk provides a brief guide to what ordinary citizens and communities can do to avoid getting sick, infecting others, or becoming another patient in an overcrowded hospital staffed by doctors and nurses exhausted by failed policies that pretended “we can live with the virus.”

  • The virus changed—now we must ‘get to zero’ or face catastrophe

    Are you tired of COVID? I fucking am. But as a longtime science writer and the author of two books on pandemics, I have to report what you probably don’t want to hear. We have entered the grimmest phase of this pandemic. And contrary to what our politicians say, there is only one way to deal with a rapidly mutating virus that demonstrates the real power of exponential growth: Go hard. Act early. And go to zero.

  • Canada’s dirty $20-billion pipeline bailout

    Finance Minister Bill Morneau has proposed sacrificing Canadian taxpayers to bail out an uneconomic US pipeline owned by former Enron executives. Let’s parse the fantastic numbers, because they will affect all of us. And the bill for taxpayers won’t be $4.5 billion as Morneau claims, but much closer to $20 billion, says economist Robyn Allan.

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