Mayworks 1

Adam Davidson-Harden

  • Taking on capital in an age of climate change

    As a consequence of humanity’s blind and unwitting experiment with our own planet’s atmosphere, we face arguably the most challenging moral and political dilemma in the history of our species – one that implicates all life on the planet.

  • Harper & Co.‘s failing math

    The Conservatives were ever-so-prepared to ram their clever omnibus wrecking balls down our collective throats. Indigenous peoples are standing up and saying no. They’re calling on non-Indigenous people to do the same.

  • Ron Hawkins—Reflecting on Rock’n’Roll Politics

    Adam Davidson-Harden talked with the talented Toronto-based musician and artist Ron Hawkins in Toronto. You can read Ron’s bio and find out about his solo music and that of his earlier bands Lowest of the Low and Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails at His latest solo album is Straitjacket Love, released in May 2011. Hawkins’s new project, The Do Good Assassins, released their first record, Rome, earlier in 2012

  • How the ‘black bloc’ protected the G20

    One of the most intriguing things about the chaos of the G20 in Toronto has been the effectiveness with which the black-clad violent individuals (who we’ll indulge by calling the ‘black bloc’) have contributed to the protection of the G20, its message, and what it represents.

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