• Liberals use RCMP in attempt to silence critics of their foreign policy

    Canadian Politics

    Did the RCMP receive a directive from a minister to put a stop to our challenging their policies? The federal election is on the horizon and government officials will increasingly be in public. The Trudeau government is playing up its ‘progressive’ credentials, but the interventions highlight how on one international policy after another the Liberals have sided with corporations and empire.

  • Folk Music’s Radical Patron: Remembering Mitch Podolak


    We all have much to thank him for. The world is a better place because of Mitch Podolak, and I am a far better, richer person after so many years of friendship with my Comrade. Mitch will live on in the years to come through the power of his inspiration and his contributions to those of us who knew him — and, indeed, to all those who, because of him, came to hear the music.

  • Canada’s Complicity in the Venezuela Crisis

    Canadian Politics

    Canada has involved itself in this crisis mainly through its co-founding and participation in the Lima Group. In doing so, Canada has touted its value-oriented foreign policy and commitments to safeguarding and promoting democracy and human rights abroad. The aims of the Lima Group are to support Guaidó’s aim of removing Maduro and to guarantee a peaceful transition to democracy in Venezuela “without the use of force”.

  • Trudeau Refuses to Stop Land Fraud: Press Release of the Mohawks of Kanehsatake

    Canadian Politics

    Earlier this summer, Sean Carleton sat down with Ellen Gabriel to talk about the recent developments Kanehsatà:ke. As of 29 August, Trudeau is refusing to meet with the Mohawks and declare a temporary moratorium on development so that a peaceful resolution to ongoing tensions can be negotiated. This is unacceptable. CD stands with the Kanien’kéha:ka (Mohawk) of Kanehsatà:ke and proudly publishes their most recent press release.

  • The devastation of Manitoba: An autopsy of Pallister’s austerity regime

    Canadian Politics

    The Manitoba PCs have rammed through a barrage of major right-wing changes — service closures, funding cuts, privatizations, union-busting — during their brief stint as provincial overlords. As many Dimension readers are aware, the litany of cuts to public funding initiated by the Pallister government will be felt for many years to come. This article is the first attempt to analyze the full breadth of the Conservatives’ austerity regime in the province.

  • Austerity Without End

    Economic Crisis

    Liberal democratic capitalism is losing legitimacy. But what comes next may be a form of right-wing populism, supported by nationalist politicians and movements looking to close borders and blame immigrants and trade for economic insecurity. Will unions look to protectionism or internationalism? Will working class movements be able to unite across borders to radically shift the balance of class power relations?

  • Humbly growing older on the Left


    That kind of vulnerability, especially from those who are relatively privileged, is tremendously valuable. It encourages us all to re-examine assumed certainties, and to admit when we’ve been wrong. If we show up with open hearts and ears, curiosity, thoughtfulness about our words and actions, and stay humble and vulnerable, we aging activists can offer so much more than criticism, to movements today.

  • The Politics of Ecosocialism


    “Even more important, by calling ourselves ecosocialists we are saying that we don’t view the environment as just one of many equally important concerns, just another stick to beat up capitalism with. Ecosocialists recognise the global environmental crisis as the most important problem that humanity faces in the 21st century. If socialists don’t recognise its centrality, our politics will be irrelevant.”

  • Support for fascist forces growing in Germany


    AfD, the Alternative for Germany, is currently polling 13% in all Germany – worrisome enough – and is vying for top ranking in opinion polls in three East German states now facing elections. In Saxony it is tied in first place at 26%; it is tied for first place in Brandenburg at 19%. Both states vote on September 1st. Thuringia votes on October 27th where, at 24%, it lacks only one point for first place.

  • Elizabeth May accepts right-wing billionaire’s debate

    Canadian Politics

    Generally, political debates do reflect vibrant democracy but that is not necessarily the case when the forum was set up and financed by one of Canada’s richest and most right-wing capitalists. Through his Aurea Foundation, Peter Munk, the founder of rapacious global mining firm Barrick Gold, established Munk Debates a decade ago. Peter’s son Anthony Munk is on the committee overseeing the debate series.

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