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  • John Richards’ Howlers on Aboriginal Policy

    As I have had occasion to remark before, “God save me from intellectuals!” especially right-wing Canadian intellectuals, when they take unto themselves the impulse to discourse on Aboriginal policy.

    In recent years, these people have perpetrated some real howlers, whose only use has been to indicate how deep the gap remains between the beliefs and posture of Aboriginal people in Canada, and what could at a pinch be described as the thinking of many influential, fuzzy-minded, well- intentioned, ill-informed Canadians of European background.

  • Canada And The Big Business Of War

    Millions of working Canadians are being fiscally conscripted into the shameful business of war. We are forced into this unwitting participation in the arms trade and imperialist American wars, thanks to the Liberal government’s legislation governing the Canada Pension Plan. Through our mandatory CPP contributions, we are entrapped in complicity with many of the world’s most notorious warmongers.

  • India’s challenge to Brazil at the World Social Forum

    The fourth World Social Forum and the first to occur outside of Brazil wound up recently in Mumbai, India. Over 80,000 people from 132 countries and representing 2,660 organizations participated in what has become an annual gathering of social movements and civil society organizations from around the world united against neoliberal globalization.

  • The Scandal

    The better part of 250 million dollars of our tax-payer dollars has flowed through the Federal Government Sponsorship funds into the grubby hands of Liberal Party of Canada public relations firms in Québec during a period of 4 years, from 1997 to 2001.

  • Hard-won Choice at Risk

    The Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada is promoting a Day of Action for Choice on April 25th with the slogan, “Your right to choose is at risk.” Pro-choice activists around the world are feeling insecure as never before – years of abortion clinic bombings and bloody fetuses notwithstanding. The April 25th event in Canada was timed to coincide with a March for Women’s Lives organized for that date by the U.S. Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations.

    While the pro-choice world has long had to protect itself from low-level (though often violent) nutcases, it’s far more disturbing when the extremists are camped out in the Oval Office. We should be paying close attention.

  • Trade Unions and the Left

    On almost every issue trade union members are significantly more progressive than the other segments of the population. I suppose there are many reasons for this. Collective power probably gives union members the confidence to think more about the potential for changing things. Union education programs undoubtedly play a role. The democratic process of unions also requires members to discuss and debate issues.

    So it should not come as a surprise that gaining employment in a unionized workplace would promote some leftward political movement among a proportion of the members. Of course one can overstate the political development of union members. Unionists may be twice as likely to vote for the NDP than the new Conservative Party, but a majority of union members still choose the Liberals as their first voting choice.

  • A Radical Election Platform 2004 - Editorial

  • The Earth Charter: A Manifesto for the 21st Century

    If we are to build solidarity among the many different anti-capitalist causes, we need both a critique and a positive mission shared by Reds and Greens; people of First World, Third World, and Fourth world societies; men and women, and members of both mainstream and minority groups in all societies. The Earth charter may provide this shared positive vision.

  • The Road to Union Renewal: From Organizing the Unorganized to New Political Alternatives

    In many of the advanced economies, unions are in serious trouble. This crisis for unions is in part the result of changing workplaces and labour markets compounded by the hostility of employers and governments to unions.

  • Virginity Testing: Zimbabwe’s Response to AIDS

    In one corner of the village, the sun shines through the dusty and cracked windows of the village’s one-room assembly hall. Sitting on the building’s cement floor are 60 girls and young women, the reason for today’s celebration. The day is a chance to teach the young women an important lesson that may one day save their lives.

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