• Aaron Bastani’s ‘luxury communism’ is a false future

    A true communist future requires a break with billionaire futurism, and that means not being blinded by the sleek visions of Silicon Valley that present technology as the solution to all our problems. Bastani should have left ‘fully automated luxury communism’ to massively online meme lords, but instead he has tainted any real left vision of the future by falling prey to the billionaire futurist version.

  • Victory in defeat

    Canadian Politics

    Singh went from being written off completely by the mainstream media—due in no small part to tacit racism and the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’—to being the person many Canadians believed would make the best prime minister. This is no easy task, particularly for a brown man with a turban in a country where the majority believe the federal government should limit or reduce the number of immigrants it accepts.

  • After the federal election: the dangers and challenges that lie ahead

    Canadian Politics

    Is it time to declare “the party is over” and find ways to begin anew in building a broad anticapitalist left? Easier said than done. At present the Canadian left is fragmented and seems more inclined to focus on organizing and campaigning around particular issues rather than attempting to build a united radical left alternative.

  • A union of women’s hockey players looking for a league of its own


    The Dream Gap Tour of elite hockey players put the women’s game back in the news this fall. Some of the world’s best players — including more than 35 Olympians — played in the four-team exhibition tournament that travelled to Toronto, Chicago and Hudson, N.H. A few months earlier, professional women’s hockey seemed to be in crisis.

  • Trudeau Called on to Stop Land Fraud as Kanehsatake Hunger Strike Ends

    Canadian Politics

    In a press release, the Kanien’kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke renewed their call for justice, inviting Trudeau to meet and negotiate an end to the land dispute, which has been going on for 302 years too long. Canadian Dimension stands with the Kanien’kéha:ka (Mohawk) of Kanehsatà:ke and proudly publishes their full press release.

  • As Germany greenlights Huawei, US has lost its 5G war


    On Monday, the news broke that Germany would not be excluding Huawei from participating in its fifth-generation (5G) internet networks. With the country’s new “security catalog” being released, setting out rules and guidelines to ensure safety in the building of the network, no formal bans or exclusions of individual vendor companies were specified, giving the Shenzhen telecommunications firm the green light.

  • Electoral dilemmas and participatory theatre

    Canadian Politics

    An alternative to a capitalism based on environment-destroying growth is once again not on the ballot. This would require the kind of institutional changes that would allow us to end corporate rule and redefine what we mean by democracy. A pole pushing such changes is essential if we are to survive as a species.

  • Where the parties stand on Indigenous issues

    Canadian Politics

    This year’s federal election campaign has seen a significant drop in priority for Indigenous issues, especially in terms of the federal leaders’ debate and their campaign commentary. This stands in stark contrast to the 2015 election campaign, which saw Liberal leader Justin Trudeau centre his campaign on rebuilding Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples.

  • NDP repudiates Quebec’s Bill 21 but falters in its explanation

    Canadian Politics

    The NDP is fighting for its life in Quebec, where the Bloc Québécois, supported by the right-wing government of François Legault, threatens many if not all of the party’s current 14 seats which were already reduced from the high watermark of 59 federal seats that the NDP won in the province in 2011.

  • Dude, where’s my bus? How the election failed public transit

    Canadian Politics

    It is the absence of any legitimate consideration of public transportation during this election that is most shocking, particularly given the focus among ostensibly progressive parties on climate justice, racial and economic equality, and accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities.

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