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  • Dispatches from the Detriot USSF #2

    Unlike the World Social Forum and Social Forums in other countries,the USSF has few NGOs here and no celebrity stars. These were mostly people from local groups of grassroot activists.

  • How the ‘black bloc’ protected the G20

    One of the most intriguing things about the chaos of the G20 in Toronto has been the effectiveness with which the black-clad violent individuals (who we’ll indulge by calling the ‘black bloc’) have contributed to the protection of the G20, its message, and what it represents.

  • Web exclusive:Witness to the Saturday Protests

    I can still remember, as an undergrad, the debate at York University about the War Measures Act in 1972. That will give you some idea of my age and that I am not a black-shirted anarchist.

  • Frontline reports from the G20

    Although there was an immense amount of substantive, fascinating, and productive activity during the entire week by the network of labour-antipoverty-antiwar-indigenous issues-environment (extraction industries including tar sands and Barrick Gold)-gender, much associated with the week-long networking and protests was presented in a very dismissive, trivializing way by the major media.

  • Dispatches from the USSF

    The second U.S. Social Forum, held in Detroit, began with a 2 mile march that passed through empty areas full of weeds, vacant lots blighted by the city’s economic losses, but also its redesigned and rebuilt downtown of modern new buildings and impressive public art

  • Reflections on the Quebec nation

    Quebecois and Quebeckers now live in a nation, however symbolic. All can agree that Quebec sands on the outside; consensus is, however, lacking on whether being on the outside is a good thing. There are clear benefits to Quebec’s cultural and political autonomy, but one cannot overlook the regressive elements within Quebec on this St-Jean-Baptiste Day.

  • Review: Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid

    Thousands of books describe various aspects of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict … This is the first book to focus on Canadian support for the dispossession of Palestinians, for a state based on one religion, and for the last major European colonial project.

  • Review: One of the Boys: Homosexuality in the Military During World War II

    Through careful and painstaking research, using archival evidence including court martial proceedings and interviews, Paul Jackson writes into World War II a social history of homosexuality in the Canadian Forces – a social history that had been, as he notes, ignored by military historians.

  • Queer Liberation: The Social Organization of Forgetting and the Resistance of Remembering

    In much of the Left and within gay/lesbian communities our rich queer histories of struggle have been forgotten, creating a kind of social and historical amnesia.

  • Queers Against Apartheid: From South Africa to Israel

    Like South Africa twenty-five years ago, Israel today portrays itself as a progressive liberal democracy, an endangered island of modernity in a backward and hostile region. The existence of a gay rights movement in Israel is deployed as another example of this modernity.

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