• Patching up the Cracks

    Since the First Supper served by the Community Kitchen last Wednesday, the organizers have been meeting with the discontented. Joegodson returned to his home community on Monday to help repair fissures that, left untended, threaten to topple efforts to rebuild and to unify.

  • Twenty-Two Reasons Why American Working People Hate the State

    The real issue is not that people are anti-state, but that the state is anti the majority of the people.

  • Sexuality’s ebb and flow

    One compelling question is thus whether capitalism contains the seeds or shackles of sexual liberation. This is no simple matter, and it merits close scrutiny.

  • Once more around the Bloc

    Our democratic freedoms hang by a narrow thread, and a police state is always near at hand — that is one of the lessons of the G20 debacle that unfolded in Toronto on June 26 and 27.

  • Mainstream media omits context and key facts on Cuba

    On July 8, the Washington Post lead story reported Cuba had released five political prisoners with assurances of forty-seven more to come in the near future. The Post story and its July 9 editorial omitted facts readers would need in order to understand the significance of the prisoner release.

  • The Fence

    The Fence was almost as high as my house. It might have been made by Frost, but not by Robert, who once spent a day with his neighbour mending the wall between them. Frost’s neighbour had but one thought: “good fences make good neighbours.” But Frost wondered what they were walling in, or who out, and to whom their fence might be giving offence. And so did I. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” That’s for sure. In Toronto in June 2010 it was about 3 million people.

  • We Are Waiting for Help

    On Sunday, the people of Simon in Cite Soleil congregated at the new structure that they want to use as a Community Kitchen. At the moment, the building is as empty as their stomachs. Their goal was to find a way to speak directly to communities outside of Haiti. They have pleaded with NGOs for food and water, without success. Their situation is deteriorating, as is the case throughout Haiti.

  • An Open Letter to Mario Renaud

    We are responding to your letter addressed to the people of Quebec. We live in Cite Soleil. However, since your letter attempts to define the relationship between Quebecois and Haitians, we prefer to speak for ourselves.

  • Now is the Hour: Say Goodbye to Stephen Harper

    Stephen Harper assured Canadians that the G8 and G20 summit meetings brought the opportunity to demonstrate Canadian hospitality and leadership, with a hint that it might all lead to securing a seat at the table in the UN Security Council, among the big players, and perhaps with Stephen Harper in a starring role as World Leader. Instead, Stephen Harper blew it. Harper and his team must go. More and more Canadians are moved to gather the evidence, and I offer a sample in this article.

  • Analyzing the politics of the Black Bloc

    Despite the media hype there was nothing new about the events in Toronto. The question for militants is: what are the lessons? How do we interpret events and what do they mean for the left?

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