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  • Philippines: Arrests, Torture and the Presidential Election

    The notoriously violent and corrupt elections in the Philippines stand in sharp contrast with those in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia. In these countries, the elite can abide by the results of a relatively ‘open’ election, whereas in the Philippines, any challenge to the closed, family-based ruling class is met with relentless terror.

  • Bill C-3 is sexist, racist, and fatally flawed

    Bill C-3 was introduced by the Conservatives on March 11, 2010, ostensibly to “fix” the sex discrimination in the status registration provisions of the Indian Act pursuant to the BC Court of Appeal decision in the November 2009 McIvor case, which held that the status provisions of the Indian Act violate the equality guarantees of the Charter. If it is passed, Canada will continue to discriminate against Aboriginal women in legislation.

  • The Major Jewish American Organizations Defend Israel’s Humiliation of America

    When Israel announced a major new Jews-only building project of 1600 homes in occupied East Jerusalem, Netanyahu was sending a message to world: Israel backed by its billionaire-financed Presidents of the 51 Major American Jewish Organizations, leads the US by the nose.

  • Greece:  The Curse of Three Generations of Papandreous

    In each of the three decisive moments of recent history, Greece has been pulled backwards from a chance for social transformation, political independence and freedom from external tutelage by one and another of the Papandreou family.

  • Why the Parti Québécois expelled SPQ Libre

    A five-year long attempt to reform the Parti Québécois as an independentist and “social-democratic” party ended abruptly on March 13 when the PQ’s national executive decided not to renew recognition of its left-wing “political club” as an authorized grouping with the party.

  • Own The Podium; Own the World

    I went to a Wilco concert in Ottawa recently and a hockey game broke out.

  • The Canadian Parliamentary Farce to Combat Antisemitism

    To kick off their hearings on antisemitism, an Israeli flown to Ottawa stated absolutely that Canada is a “pioneer” of campus antisemitism.

  • Are Aboriginal women and women of colour benchwarmers?

    Years ago Mohawk woman Kahentinetha Horn was to be a secondary speaker to a keynote named AngryArab. Little did organizers know that Horn does not believe in being second to anyone, she stole the show.

  • US-China: Provoking the Creditor, Hugging the Holy man

    The Obama Administration has heightened tensions with China through a series of measures which can only be characterized as major provocations designed to undermine relations between the two countries. This is part of the US strategy of encouraging the physical break-up of independent nations, which are viewed as ‘obstacles’ to its program of global military empire building.

  • Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation

    The principle propaganda mouthpiece of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO), the Daily Alert (DA), has come out in full support for Israel’s practice of extra-judicial, extra-territorial assassination. In the face of world-wide governmental condemnation (except from the Zionist-occupied White House and US Congress), the PMAJO slavishly backs any brutal murder committed by the Israeli secret police anywhere in the world and at anytime.

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