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  • Snake oil and the Myth of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Nearly every major extractive industry player has adopted voluntary CSR policies or social sustainability statements and a growing body of consultants, socially responsible investors, and NGOs are debating how to promote it. However, ongoing violations of human rights beg the question: is talking in terms of CSR useful to those trying to seek justice for harms committed by Canadian multinationals?

  • Feminism: down but not out

    Both a call to arms and a guide towards broader points of redress for the hard times within Canadian women’s movements.

  • On the lighter side

    William Deverell’s Snow Job and Martin Duberman’s Haymarket.

  • America’s Heart of Darkness

    America is grieving, although you’d never know it with all the pointing fingers.

  • Reviews: Vancouver’s east side

    Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is never far from the news.

  • Oh Canada Our home and Wire-tapped Land

    For more than three decades the RCMP ran PROFUNC (PROminent FUNCtionaries of the Communist Party), a highly secretive espionage operation and internment plan. In case of a “national security” threat up to 16,000 suspected communists and 50,000 sympathizers were to be apprehended and interned in one of eightcamps across the country. Initiated by RCMP Commissioner Stuart Taylor Wood in 1950, the plan continued until 1983.

  • Reviews: 10 Movies That Were Way Better Than The Books

    It’s not that the books were completely terrible; more accurately, it’s that they weren’t realizing the full potential of the story. These movies are miles better than the books that spawned them, so much so that you might even forget they were books in the first place.

  • Web Exclusive: Welcome to 2011 - The American Dream lives on while you’re sleeping

    Investors and traders celebrated the New Year, thinking the market will boom in 2011. The tens of millions unemployed, foreclosed or already homeless went to sleep early–to escape the pessimism that has descended on the middle and lower middle classes in much of the country.

  • Review: The Trouble with Billionaires

    How much is a billion dollars?

    For most of us, that number is more than we can imagine, so Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks have made it simple. If you were given a dollar every second, it would take almost 32 YEARS to become a billionaire.

  • Web Review: True Grit

    Call me incorrigibly dogmatic and a “politically correct” bore, but I just can’t get on the bandwagon for the Coen brothers’ “True Grit”. I confess that I was prejudiced from the start, having had an extreme reaction against the original “True Grit” that starred Vietnam War hawk John Wayne in 1969.

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