Our Times 3


  • Visiting Gerardo again

    A sign in one sealed chamber called the Victorville Prison a “humane, correctional” institution. At least the sign didn’t claim pigs could fly.

  • Nameless and homeless: Affordable housing—if not now, when?

    Today, it’s widely acknowledged that the “deinstitutionalization” of psychiatric survivors has been a total failure and fraud; it was from the very start. Why? Because of government incompetence and negligence, poor urban planning, and public indifference to “discharged” psychiatric survivors and other poor, marginalized and stigmatized people in our communities.

  • Time for a food revolution

    The solutions to the food crisis are thus deeply intertwined with solutions to the climate crisis and the larger question of global poverty. The steps to get there are not so complex: genuine agrarian reform, local markets, biodiversity, a decentralization of decision-making, all things that social movements have been demanding for decades. There are no technical hurdles standing in the way, only political ones.

  • Fare Questions

    We might have hoped that by the 21st century hunger would be a scourge of the past. But the problem is actually worse now than it was a decade ago.

  • Determined Defiant DePape

    Former Senate page Brigette DePape’s bit of parliamentary pluck has garnered near universal praise from the Canadian Left. But while her mute entreaty during the Throne Speech to “Stop Harper” earned loud applause, her appeal in subsequent statements for “a Canadian version of an Arab Spring, a flowering of popular movements” provoked some fiery debate.

  • Making Farming Work

    Canadians want organic, local food more than ever before–so why can’t farmers and farmworkers make a living growing it for them?

  • PASOK: Pan Hellenic Socialist Kleptocrats

    A self-proclaimed “Socialist” Government in Greece is imposing by ballots and clubs the most far reaching reversals of wages, pensions, jobs, educational, health and tax programs in the history of Western Europe.

  • The world is hurtling toward destruction, but giving up some male power is not an option

    I wonder how many women are feeling like I do, especially older women. I look around and see that men are running the world, and no matter how screwed up the world is getting, what a dreadful and dangerous mess we are in, they are still loath to share the reins with women, who tend to see things and do things somewhat differently than men, if they are allowed to.

  • Was CUPW defeat inevitable?

    Why did we not prepare millions of union members across the continent with discussions in locals, labour councils, and labour federations? In newsletters and at support rallies? Why did we not unite–as BC unionists did in 1982 to support telephone workers–by holding escalating regional general work stoppages across the continent?

  • An Election Night I Will Never Forget

    So after 50 long years of being on the receiving end of Canada’s archaic first-past-the-post polling, Québec had finally rewarded us with a resounding mandate–probationary, yes, and totally out of the blue–but resounding just the same. After half a century of political intercourse of our two solitudes, the NDP had hit the spot and united the left forces in both nations under one banner!

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