• Mud, Hubris and Malevolent Urban Change

    India seems more preoccupied than ever with showing off its resources and firepower, of which it certainly has plenty, than worrying about their mal-distribution and misuse. This attitude, as my article suggests, is at the heart of all that is wrong with the Commonwealth Games.

  • Our Bodies, Ourselves

    Father still knows best. Whether in the form of the medical establishment, the firm, or the way women’s sexuality continues to be stolen and policed, women continue to find out that our bodies are not our own.

  • Rise Against Patriarchy

    In 2010, many people ask the question: “Feminism? Isn’t that dead? We don’t need feminism anymore.” To that, RebELLEs responds, “heck yes we do! Wake up and dream, dream big sistahs!”

  • Forestry Agreements

    Climate reality and socio-economic reality are on a backward trajectory worldwide, and most culpable are the settler states formed out of the old British Empire. Indigenous people pay the price of climate change and its false solutions. And the Made-in-Canada “solutions” continue to be environmental and human travesties in every sense.

  • Geoengineering

    Most people have never heard of geoengineering and many of those who have don’t know quite what it is. Yet geoengineering is all the rage in some scientific circles and some climate policy circles in wealthy countries. Should you be worried? Definitely.

  • Review: Fast Feminism

    Fast Feminism disciplines philosophy. In it, Shannon Bell makes philosophy her boy; she makes it lick and shine her boot for having refused her sex, anatomy, and the female phallus the ontological place of privilege amongst the philosopher kings.

  • Review: Our Friendly Local Terrorist

    The book centers around Suleyman Goven, a Turkish Kurd living in Toronto, whose landed immigrant application is tacitly inferred by officials to be hinging on his participation in domestic spying operations.

  • Review: Unions, Equity and the Path to Renewal

    Unions face serious problems in the twenty-first century, including a major participatory and democratic deficit. How should we address these problems in order to “renew” unions?

  • Review: Terrorism and the Economy: How the War On Terror Is Bankrupting the World

    While the root of the crisis lies within the capitalist system itself, economist Loretta Napoleoni chooses to focus on the many ways in which the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed to this crisis.

  • Review: The Highway of the Atom

    Today, little is known about what happened at Port Radium on Great Bear Lake in Canada’s mysterious North.

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