• Morbid symptoms: Alberta’s yellow vest movement

    Canadian Politics

    Alberta’s protests began as street protests, but gained traction on December 19 when some Yellow Vests joined a convoy of 1,200 trucks. These vehicles driven by oil patch workers and their supporters had assembled just south of Edmonton. Blocking traffic as it went, the convoy drove slowly to the capital and made known its demand that oil pipelines be built to “free” the resource from its land-locked status.

  • Canada needs a Green New Deal


    With every new decision to support fossil fuel infrastructure and corporate restructuring in the name of profit, the scale of the alternative plan to counter these actions needs to become more ambitious and far-reaching. A Green New Deal can put workers and the environment at the centre of economic policy and ensure that the necessary transformation reaches all areas of people’s lives.

  • Injustice at Unist’ot’en

    Indigenous Politics

    “Our best hope for justice and sustainability in Canada lies with communities like the Wet’suwet’en nation, who take their relationship and responsibilities to their lands and waters so seriously that they will risk all they have to defend it. Our hope also lies with the many Canadians respecting and actively supporting the rights of these Indigenous communities to take care of their territories.”

  • Wilson-Raybould, thrown under the bus for corporate interests

    Canadian Politics

    Front and centre is a multi-facetted government scandal showing the fragility of some of Justin Trudeau’s most fervent claims. Feminism has taken a hit, with ex-Minister Wilson-Raybould – casually referred to as “Jody” – thrown under the bus. Trudeau claims “surprise and disappointment” at her actions with Ottawa rumours circulating that she was always “difficult.”

  • US-Canada and Venezuela’s Bay of Pigs

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    The Canadian government under Justin Trudeau is undermining not just Canada’s (ok, undeserved) reputation as an honest, fair mediator, but he has chosen 2019 to make Canada the enabler of the worst of US imperial policies. Can the Venezuelans hold firm through this latest colour revolution? Will they surrender to US diktat?

  • Trump-Barr’s Manipulation of the Mueller report: Political Cover-up of the Century?

    USA Politics

    We live in a very corrupt era. A case in point is the current and scandalous manipulation of the Mueller report by the Trump administration, with hardly any outcry from people in authority. Indeed, of the close to 400 pages of the Mueller report delivered to the U.S. Attorney General, not a single page has yet to be made public, as of Tuesday April 2, a deadline established by the House of Representatives, either to the elected Congress and/or to the American people to see for themselves the real content of the full report.

  • Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is the Political Opportunity of a Lifetime

    USA Politics

    Bernie Sanders wrapped up a weekend campaign swing through California with a Sunday afternoon speech to 16,000 of us a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. News coverage seemed unlikely to convey much about the event. The multiracial crowd reflected the latest polling that shows great diversity of support for Bernie, contrary to corporate media spin.

  • Fighting Ford: Ontario’s New Healthcare Act

    Canadian Politics

    The new health care omnibus bill, being rushed at breakneck speed through Ontario’s Legislature by Doug Ford’s majority caucus, does not reflect his promises to “the people” in the election. It does not open a single operating room to speed up surgical wait times, though lack of operating funds means that there are closed ORs in every major hospital in Ontario.

  • As Israel’s racism grows, more Canadian Jews turn against it

    Canadian Politics

    An Independent Jewish Voices and United Jewish People’s Order commissioned EKOS poll found that 37 percent of a random sample of 359 Jewish Canadians surveyed have a negative opinion of the Israeli government, 31 percent oppose the military blockade of Gaza and 30 percent think Palestinians’ call for a boycott of Israel is reasonable.

  • An Ecosocialist Green New Deal: Guiding Principles


    We must solve the climate crisis and the inequality crisis together. Climate remedies in the context of austerity will produce a popular backlash, as we see in the yellow vest protests against a fuel tax. Corporations profiting from fossil extraction have long worked to turn workers against environmentalists, claiming that clean energy would be a job killer.

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