Episode 184 May 4th 2011

Canadian Dimension editors and regulars reflect on the outcome of the federal election and discuss how we must fight the Harper majority: John Cartwright (Toronto & York Region Labour Council); Eric Darier (Quebec Greenpeace); Leo Panitch (Socialist Register); Dennis Pilon (Political Scientist); Andrea Levy (Historian); Judy Rebick (; Geoff Bickerton (CUPW); John Clarke (OCAP); Richard Sanders (COAT), Clayton Thomas Muller (IEN).

Show Notes

Music is the Weapon Playlist

  • Billy Bragg, The Red Flag, New Songs of the New Age ASCAP
  • Finest Kind, The Times Are A-Changin’, Silk & Spices
  • Pete Seeger, Solidarity Forever, Talking Unions; The Almanacs
  • Mark Blitzstein & The New Singers, Internationale, New Songs of the New Age ASCAP

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