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Alert! Radio was Canadian Dimension’s weekly podcast which ran from September 2005 - May 2012. It was recorded and broadcast first on CKUW 95.9 FM at the University of Winnipeg, and later on 101.5 UMFM at the University of Manitoba. It was also available on the Rabble Podcast Network.

Our show covered politics, economics, issues of social and environmental justice; featured interviews, commentaries, profiles of people in the news; had features on music, media, the arts; as well as special shows dedicated to new ideas or significant events.

Our entire show archive is presented here.

  • Episode 195 (November 17th 2011)

    Organizer Matthew Brett addresses the current state of Occupy movement and the Quebec student strike. Gordon Laxer on the consequences of delaying the Keystone XL pipeline. Lesley Hughes on the most censored stories of 2011.

  • Episode 194 (November 9th 2011)

    Karen Devito on the Canadian boat to Gaza shares experiences of her group’s detention by Israeli authorities, Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom on the Eurozone’s bail-out efforts for Greece and Martine Elois of Échec à la Guerre explains the Remembrance Day White poppy campaign.

  • Episode 193 (November 3rd 2011)

    Roger Rashi discusses the potential political consequences of alleged ties between the Mafia’s involvement in the Quebéc construction industry and provincial political parties. Regina-based political economist and author, John Warnock, weighs in on Saskatchewan’s upcoming provincial election.

  • Episode 192 (October 27th 2011)

    James Petras discusses Greece, austerity and the European economic crisis. The Council of Canadian’s Trade Campaigner, Stuart Trew, updates us on Canada’s most recent rounds of trade talks with the European Union, and Winnipegger Ken Kalturnyk assesses Harper’s agenda for the Canadian Wheat Board.

  • Episode 191 (October 20th 2011)

    Jeff Halper analyzes the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN and prospects for a just Middle East peace. Erin Vosters of FemRev explains her group’s critique of Slutwalk. Paula Mallea dissects the Harper government’s Omnibus Crime Bill.

  • Episode 190 (October 13th 2011)

    Murray Dobbin examines the recent provincial election outcomes across the country. Derrick O’Keefe discusses the Occupy Wall Street movement as it develops in Canada. Student activist Dan DiMaggio discusses the movement from the streets of NYC.

  • Episode 189 (October 6th 2011)

    Haaretz reporter and author Amira Hass gives her thoughts and perspectives on the Isreali Occupation, the Palestinian resistance and last summer’s Arab Spring. Music is the Weapon features women heroes of the left.

  • Episode 188 (September 29th 2011)

    With another economic downturn threatening, York University Professor and author David McNally returns to explain how the decision to bail out banks at the expense of the public sector has lead to the current predicament and what social and labour movements can and should be doing to protect the interests of the working class Labour studies professors, David Camfield of the University of Manitoba and Herman Rosenfeld of McMaster University put into context the elections in Manitoba and Ontario respectively.

  • Episode 187 (September 22nd 2011)

    As protesters gather on Parliament Hill to mobilize against the TransCanada XL Pipeline, three campaigners address the question of using civil disobedience against the tar sands and other causes: indigenous tar sands campaigner Clayton Thomas Muller, Greenpeace organizer Mike Hudema and political/queer activist Gary Kinsman.

  • Episode 186 (September 15th 2011)

    Economist Jim Stanford explains why the economic recovery has stalled, that the causes of the economic crisis of 2008-9 have not really been dealt with, and that only radical restructuring of economic institutions can solve mass unemployment and prevent a return to economic turmoil. Ernest Drucker, of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York compares the structure of the US incarceration system—which has systematically imprisoned unprecedented numbers of men and women—to well-recognized epidemics from the past. Don’t go there, Canada, he advises.

  • Episode 185 (September 8th 2011)

    Alert! discusses Jack Layton’s impact on the NDP and contemplates what the future holds for politics, the NDP, Québec and the Left in his absence. Featuring Judy Rebick, Murray Dobbin, Sam Gindin, and Simon Tremblay-Pepin. Kevin Whittaker talks about the support staff strike at McGill University.

  • Episode 184 (May 4th 2011)

    Canadian Dimension editors and regulars reflect on the outcome of the federal election and discuss how we must fight the Harper majority: John Cartwright (Toronto & York Region Labour Council); Eric Darier (Quebec Greenpeace); Leo Panitch (Socialist Register); Dennis Pilon (Political Scientist); Andrea Levy (Historian); Judy Rebick (; Geoff Bickerton (CUPW); John Clarke (OCAP); Richard Sanders (COAT), Clayton Thomas Muller (IEN).

  • Episode 183 (April 28th 2011)

    Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias reflects on how the social media has transformed public discourse and its likely impact on the federal election. Quebec commentator Pierre Beaudet discusses the NDP surge in Quebec and the future of the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberal Party. South African academic Patrick Bond talks about the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban and some of the events being planned by oppositional forces.

  • Episode 182 (April 20th 2011)

    Roger Rashi talks about the Cochabamba + 1 Conference on Climate Justice (April 15-17) organized by Alternatives and Canadian Dimension magazine; Sean Devlin, the moving force behind talks about its creation and impact; Jim Silver talks about his new book, Poverty and Public Housing.

  • Episode 181 (April 13th 2011)

    Roger Annis, coordinator of Canada Haiti Action Network, exposes Michel Martelly’s questionable background and talks about where Haiti is going under its new president. Economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C., explains how the debt ceiling imposed by the US Congress almost shutdown the federal government and comments on Obama’s concessions to the far right. Saul Landau talks about his new film “Will The Real Terrorists Please Stand Up” and comments on how he got the Cuban exile community in Miami and retired FBI and CIA agents to candidly talk about their efforts over the past 50 years to assassinate Fidel Castro and bomb Cuba in an effort to bring down its government.

  • Episode 180 (April 7th 2011)

    Alex Neve of Amnesty International discusses the Harper government’s human rights record. Economist Sheila Block discusses a new study about Canada’s colour coded labour market. Derrick O’Keefe of the Canadian Peace Alliance discusses the controversy over the real purpose of the Libyan intervention.

  • Episode 179 (April 1st 2011)

    Political Scientist Dennis Pilon gives Harper’s critique of coalition government a failing grade; Legal authority Paula Mallea gives Harper’s Tough on Crime Agenda a failing grade; Military analyst Bill Robinson looks at Canada’s military spending under Harper in historical perspective; award winning journalist Helen Fallding who broke the story about No Running Water on northern reserves talks to Alert about the conditions she found in northern Manitoba and the efforts by First Nations to pressure the Harper government to correct this racially based injustice.

  • Episode 178 (March 24th 2011)

    CAW Economist Jim Stanford discusses the defeat of the Harper government and the electoral options as the election campaign is about to take off. Publisher James Lorimer talks about the likely impact of lifting the ban on foreign investment in the Canadian book publishing industry. Researcher and educator Marita Moll reflects on whether nuclear energy is still an option after Fukushima.

  • Episode 177 (March 17th 2011)

    Political Scientist Dennis Pilon explores the prospects of the projected May Federal Election and Why a Liberal-NDP Alliance is NOT in the cards. Sean Smith examines the results of the February Irish elections and the rise of the United Left Alliance which could change the face of Irish Politics.

  • Episode 176 (March 10th 2011)

    There’s a widespread consensus that the world is facing another food crisis. The only question is what is causing it and what to do about it. ALERT invited Robert Pollin to discuss these questions. Robert Pollin is a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and founding co-director of its Political Economy Research Institute. What is the state of the fightback against the frontal attack on public sector unions in Wisconsin? And can Wisconsin happen in Canada? Canadian Dimension’s labour columnist, Herman Rosenfeld Herman takes up these questions. The proposed Enbridge pipeline that would carry tar sand oil from Alberta across northern BC to a port in Kitimat where it would be transferred onto supertankers and shipped to China is hotly disputed by the 30 First Nations whose territories the pipelines would cross. Alert talks with one of their leading spokesman, Toghestiy, hereditary chief of Fireweed Clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation.

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