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Alert! Radio was Canadian Dimension’s weekly podcast which ran from September 2005 - May 2012. It was recorded and broadcast first on CKUW 95.9 FM at the University of Winnipeg, and later on 101.5 UMFM at the University of Manitoba. It was also available on the Rabble Podcast Network.

Our show covered politics, economics, issues of social and environmental justice; featured interviews, commentaries, profiles of people in the news; had features on music, media, the arts; as well as special shows dedicated to new ideas or significant events.

Our entire show archive is presented here.

  • Episode 25 (April 18th 2006)

    In this program ALERT talks to Saul Landau, award winning film maker, journalist and broadcaster about the outsourcing of American military and security personnel in Iraq to Latin America. We also talk to David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation about the historic land claims suit being heard in a Winnipeg court room. And we talk to Vince Mosco, Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society, Queen’s University about the implications of legislation being considered by the Conservative government deregulating Canada’s telecommunication sector.

  • Episode 24 (April 11th 2006)

    Denise Vellieux, a founding member of Quebec Solidaire, analyses the results of a bi-election in Montreal, the first election contest for Quebec’s new left-wing party. Bonnie Swaine who three years ago organized a blockade to stop logging trucks from entering the traditional lands of the Grassy Narrows First Nation updates the state of the struggle. Nobel peace prize nominee Jeff Halper talks to ALERT from Israel about his thoughts of the situation there in the wake of the Israeli election.

  • Episode 23 (April 4th 2006)

    Kristen Andrews of the Stop Charging Bison campaign describes the Canadian Army’s urban warfare training exercisees scheduled for the city of Winnipeg April 30 to May 6 and the oppostion being mobilized against it. Patrick Elie, on the last leg of his national speaking tour, talks about the latest develpments in Haiti and why Canada should withdraw from its participation in supporting the current regime there. Henry Heller analyses the importance of the protest against reforms to France’s labour laws.

  • Episode 22 (March 28th 2006)

    Allan Cumyn of PEN discusses the banning of Deborough Ellice’s award-winning “Three Wishes: Palestine and Israeli Children Speak” from Toronto schools. Lesley Hughes comments on the Danish cartoon controversy. Avery Saul, a long-time member of the Canadian Wheat Board, describes the likely consequences of ending the CWB’s single desk delivery system.

  • Episode 21 (March 16th 2006)

    Lesley Hughes interviews Canadian representatives attending the World Water Campaign in Mexico City. Colleen Ross of the National Farmers Union explains why farm organizations oppose so-called suicide seeds and why the Canadian government is now lobbying to have the six-year moratorium against them lifted. Veteran observer Paul Phillips talks about the legacy of Slobodan Milosevic a day after his death.

  • Episode 20 (March 9th 2006)

    Femme Fiscale describes her intervention at the Manitoba Legislature on the day the provincial budget was released. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, History Professor Henry Heller talks about the impact of “the speech that shook the world”– Nikita Krushchev’s revelations of the crimes of Josef Stalin. Journalist and broadcaster Barrie Zwicker contends that there is no legal ground for Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan.

  • Episode 19 (February 23rd 2006)

    Alice Olsen Williams of Anishinaabe-kwe of the Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario describes her cross Canada campaign for quilt squares to help alleviate the pain from the discrimination and violence against indigenous women in Canada. James Winter, professor of Communication Studies at the University of Windsor, talks about how and why the Canadian media is ignoring Canada’s involvement in Haiti.

  • Episode 18 (February 9th 2006)

    Denise Veilleux discusses the composition, principles and goals of Quebec’s new political party, Quebec Solidaire. Anil Naidoo head of the water campaign of the Council of Canadians talks about the cancellation of the Bechtel water privitization contract in Bolivia. Leo Panitch describes his travels to the World Social Forum in Caracus.

  • Episode 17 (February 2nd 2006)

    Winnipeg-based stock broker Patrick Coonie talks about what effects the new conservative minority government could have on increasing the concentration of ownership in the Canadian banking and financial sectors. Canadian nationalist icon Mel Hurtig comments on the sale of the Hudson’s Bay Company to an American Investor. Palestinian business man Sam Bahour and Israeli peace activist and Nobel nominee Jeff Halper discuss the impact of the surprising election of Hamas as head of the Palestine Authority.

  • Episode 16 (January 26th 2006)

    ALERT analyses the election results with three members of the Canadian Dimension collective - Joyce Green, Dennis Pilon, Geoff Bickerton. Economist Paul Phillips talks about the coming Peak Oil and its impact on our lives.

  • Episode 15 (January 19th 2006)

    George Soule, National Chairperson of Canadian Federation of Students discusses students’ stake in the outcome of the federal election. James Petras discusses what can be expected from and Evo Morales government in Bolivia. Paul Rusesabagina, manager of Hotel Rwanda, talks about his heroic role in the Rwandan genocide.

  • Episode 14 (January 12th 2006)

    Maude Barlow tells us What Went on at the WTO Meeting in Hong Kong; Israeli peace activist and Nobel nominee Jeff Halper evaluates the legacy of Ariel Sharon and speculates about the post- Sharon era. Author David Arnasan discusses the poetry of Irving Layton. Journalist Murray Dobbin and publisher Cy Gonick give their views on the federal election.

  • Episode 13 (January 5th 2006)

    Maude Barlowe, Murray Dobbin, Leo Panitch and Geoff Bickerton tell us which 2005 news stories were most important for them. Leo Panitch discusses the federal election, the first of a series of ALERT election commentaries.

  • Episode 12 (December 1st 2005)

    Native Studies prof Peter Kulchyski on the recently concluded Kelowna Summit of Aboriginal leaders and federal/provincial leaders. Israeli peace activist and Nobel nominee Jeff Halper attempts to make sense of the continuing crisis in Israel/Palestine.

  • Episode 11 (November 24th 2005)

    We talk with Maude Barlow about her new book, Too Close for Comfort ; about the coming federal election and about the 2005 Right Livelihood Award that she and Tony Clarke received. We interview psycho-therapist Miriam Greenspan about her work in relieving stress suffered by victims of abuse and by social activists.

  • Episode 10 (November 17th 2005)

    Latin American authority James Petras discusses the recently concluded summit of the Americas meeting in Argentina that discussed establishing a Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. Historian David Noble on how the new pro-Israel Lobby works on Canadian campuses. Professor Paul Hamel, from the University of Toronto, reveals how that university’s scientific research is funded by the U.S Department of Defence and its resulting contribution to America’s military projects. This is Part Three of our Subversion of the University series.

  • Episode 9 (November 10th 2005)

    ALERT’S REMEMBRANCE DAY show. World-famous anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott talks about new dangers stemming from nuclear weapons and nuclear power and the surprisingly large presence of the military-industrial complex in Canada. Historian Henry Heller provides background to the riots in Paris.

  • Episode 8 (November 3rd 2005)

    Mathew Bramley, director of Climate Change for the Pembina Institute, discusses Canada’s performance under the Kyoto Protocol. Cathy Hotslander updates the appeal of a lower court decision in Saskatchewan denying certified organic farmers’ bid to carry out a class action lawsuit against Monsanto and Bayer for losses due to GMO canola contamination of fields and crops. Sharon Yandle comments on the the B.C. Teacher’s union strike.

  • Episode 7 (October 28th 2005)

    Professor Arthur Schafer, in Part 2 of the Subversion of the University series on how Big Pharma distorts medical research at the University of Toronto. Film-maker Jim Sanders reveals how the University of Manitoba censored his film research on genetically modified seeds for fear that it would be sued by Monsanto which invested heavily in that university’s Smart Park. Jordan Samoleski, from Propagandhi, discusses their latest album, ‘Potemkin City Limits.’

  • Episode 6 (October 13th 2005)

    On the anniversary of the FLQ crisis, Stan Gray remembers his arrest; writer and activist Ken Kalturnick considers the use of terrorism by the FLQ and today. Jonah Gindin, our correspondent in Venezuela talks about the latest developments in the Bolivarian Revolution.

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