Writer’s Guidelines

Mission Statement

Canadian Dimension is a magazine from and for the Left. Standing in solidarity with local and global struggles for social justice, it offers a critical perspective on the issues of the day, placing special emphasis on the Canadian scene. It discusses prospects and strategies for social change at home and abroad, and provides a space for dialogue among socialists and other radicals. Written in plain language, Canadian Dimension addresses a diverse readership encompassing political activists, community organizers, trade unionists, students, academics and all those seeking alternatives to the corporate media.

In sum, our mission is to provide in-depth analysis on important political and social issues around the world. Our financial support comes solely from committed subscribers, advertisers and donors. Editorial decisions are made by an editorial collective. A small office staff provides day-to-day management, advertising, production, circulation and promotion of the magazine.

CD Contributors

CD’s contributors and readers are community activists, trade unionists, environmentalists, feminists, peace activists - people who believe the world can be a saner, more humane place to live, work and raise our children.

Our content includes debate on the future of the Left in Canada, struggles for an independent Canada, anti-globalization and anti-imperialism, work on racism, sexism, exploitation and peace activism, economics and labour, international events, environment and other progressive issues; as well as reviews of film, books, web-sites, popular culture and alternative culture.

Regular columnists contribute provocative yet entertaining opinion pieces:

  • Geoff Bickerton: Labour Report
  • Pierre Dostie: Quebec Communique
  • Lesley Hughes: On the Edge

Getting Published

Many articles in Canadian Dimension are assigned to writers or specialists working in a particular area of expertise. Other articles are submitted by writers on spec for consideration by the editorial collective.

If you are interested in contributing to Canadian Dimension, consider the following first:

  • For regular updates on upcoming themes and topics, articles we need to assign, and focus issue planning sign up for our contributor listserv on the Submissions page.
  • If you think you have an idea that would fit one of our themes, or, if you have another idea you feel fits within the mission statement of the magazine, send a short query to the editorial collective at editor@canadiandimension.com. In your query, outline the topic and a focus statement for the proposed article. Be sure to include the basic who, what, when, where and why and a few short sentences about your approach to the story and who you plan to interview. Although the editors will generally assign a length to approved pieces, include a suggested length and ideas for accompanying images, photos or graphics. Make sure you include your complete contact information, and if you work with a particular photographer, provide their contact information as well.
  • Wait for a response. The editorial collective reviews submissions and will usually respond to the author within eight weeks. We generally work 2 to 3 months in advance of an issue coming out, so the more notice you can give us with your query. Although the collective attempts to respond to all submissions, please keep in mind the editors volunteer their time to work on the magazine. At times the number of queries is simply too high to respond to them all. However the editors do try their hardest to respond to all thoughtful, fitting, well written queries.

Filing Articles

If your query has been approved, articles must be filed electronically to editor@canadiandimension.com. If the file is too large to handle via email, contact the collective at the email address given for information about uploading to our FTP site.

Files should be labeled with your last name and a reference to the article. Please submit articles in word (.doc) or plain text format (.txt). Include the word count and a biography of 50-75 words at the top of page one. We also require a headshot in .jpg format (300dpi) labeled with your last name. The biography and headshot may or may not be used in our contributor’s page.

Payment & Ownership

Canadian Dimension pays honoraria to working writers, photographers and illustrators whose works are published, or contributors in financial need. We normally do not pay contributors who have ‘day jobs,’ such as professors, paid organizers, etc.

Canadian Dimension License Use

Articles in Canadian Dimension are licensed for first time North American rights for non-exclusive subsidiary rights, including the right to transfer articles to CD Rom for educational/academic libraries and/or secure on-line database. Revenue received in the form of royalty payments is funnelled directly into Canadian Dimension freelance fees.

Canadian Dimension reserves the right to post segments of selected Canadian Dimension does not earn a profit from its web site; subscription sales revenue from on-line orders pays for the updating of the web site. Less than 40% of Canadian Dimension’s printed content is posted on its website.


Writers may license their article to be reprinted after publication in Canadian Dimension as it appeared in its final edited form in Canadian Dimension provided that Canadian Dimension is acknowledged as the original publisher. Any reprint fees secured by the author belong to the author alone. Writers may re-license material from their original manuscript, if it has been substantially rewritten, without providing any prior attribution.

For reprint requests Canadian Dimension negotiates, Canadian Dimension will seek the author’s permission. The author is then responsible for negotiating any reprint fees directly with the inquiring party. All articles reprinted will appear with the following tagline: © Author’s name, Canadian Dimension, Publication Date, Year, Volume and No.

CD Style

CD generally (but not always) uses Canadian Press (CP) style. We will edit for style when necessary.