About Us

Canadian Dimension is Canada’s longest standing magazine of the Left. Published in Winnipeg 4 times a year, Dimension describes itself as a magazine “ for people who want to change the world”. For 53 years CD has provided a forum for debate, where red meets green, feminists take on socialists, socialists take on social democrats, whites hear from aboriginals, activists report from all corners of Canada, trade unionists report from the front lines, campaigns make connections, and the latest books, films, websites, CDs, and videos are radically reviewed.

Canadian Dimension draws on a very wide spectrum of writers on the Left. Some of the earliest contributors included Charles Taylor, George Grant, Gad Horowitz, CB Macpherson, Kari Levitt, John Warnock, James Laxer, Leo Panitch and Reg Whitaker. More recently, frequent contributors have included the likes of Bryan Palmer, Sam Gindin, Andrea Levy, Peter Kulchyski, Yves Engler, Joel Kovel, Ian Angus.


Founded in 1963 by Cy Gonick, Canadian Dimension was published from the beginning in Winnipeg, home of the famous 1919 General Strike. In its earliest years, the magazine was produced in Gonick’s basement with the help of family and a core group of volunteers. It soon attracted some brilliant young writers to its pages and a very talented layout designer.

In 1975 a collective took over editorial responsibility. Although the composition of the collective has changed many times, and includes members from around the globe, a Winnipeg-based group still functions as the hub of the magazine. The dramatic change in the very definition and scope of Left politics since the inception of the magazine is reflected in the evolution of Dimension. Topics that were, in the past, often marginalized by mainstream Left politics – the environment, the family, the division of labour in the home, food, community development, coalition building, gender and racial inequalities – now comprise a large part of a typical issue of CD.

Dimension remains what it has always been – an independent forum for Left-wing political thought and discussion – including just about the entire range of what passes for the Left in Canada. A few years ago we adopted the banner “a magazine for people who want to change the world”. That’s still a good summary of who we are. In 2005 we decided to relaunch CD – redesign it through and through, carry more debate, opinion, personal stories and short reviews along with our usual feature articles. We made this decision to express confidence in ourselves and in the efforts of numerous others to revitalize the political life of our country. In the coming years we will continue to bring Canadians the best debate and discussion that can be found among progressive publications.


Cy Gonick Publisher & Coordinating Editor
Andrea Levy Coordinating Editor
Corvin Russell Coordinating Editor
Brenda Austin-Smith Coordinating Editor
Brenda Austin-Smith Literary Editor
Peter Wheeland Proofreader & Copy Editor
Harrison Samphir Web Editor
Derek Hogue Web Developer
Naoli Bray Designer

Editorial Collective

Brenda Austin-Smith Winnipeg
Matthew Brett Winnipeg
Radhika Desai Winnipeg
Cy Gonick Winnipeg
Henry Heller Winnipeg
Karen Mackintosh Winnipeg
Peter Kulchyski Winnipeg
Krishna Lalbiharie Winnipeg
Victor Olson Winnipeg
Gregory Albo Toronto
Simon Black Toronto
Dave Bush Toronto
Judy Deutsch Toronto
Sam Gindin Toronto
Dennis Pilon Toronto
Corvin Russell Toronto
Chris Webb Toronto
Joyce Green Vancouver
Tyler McCreary Vancouver
Juliana Moore Vancouver
Terisa Turner Guelph
Sean Carleton Peterborough
David Hugill Ottawa
Kevin Matthews Ottawa
Clayton Thomas-Müller Ottawa
André Frappier Montréal
Ed Janzen Montréal
Andrea Levy Montréal
Roger Rashi Montréal
Richard Swift Montréal
Pete Wheeland Montréal
Judy Haiven Halifax