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March/April 2014: Economies in Transition

Volume 48, Issue 2

The world’s economy has gone through massive changes over the past quarter century or so. Nearly three years in the making, we’ve analyzed these changes with some of the world’s leading political economists in this special issue of Canadian Dimension.

  • Canadian Dimension January/February 2014

    January/February 2014: What’s to Eat?

    Volume 48, Issue 1

    We are excited to share our latest special issue on food, “What’s to Eat?”, with feature articles from award-winning contributors on progressive initiatives around the production and distribution of food.

  • Canadian Dimension November/December 2013

    November/December 2013: The Mining Issue: Taking on the Canadian Goliath

    Volume 47, Issue 6

    This is CD’s third special issue on mining in just the last few years. Canada, one of the world’s largest mining nations, operates in more than 100 countries and is among the top five world producers of potash, uranium, nickel, gold, platinum, aluminum, diamonds and steel-making coal. The focus this issue is on the many ways the Canadian state supports the mining industry at home and abroad.

  • Canadian Dimension September/October 2013

    September/October 2013: Networked Dissent

    Volume 47, Issue 5

    The internet increasingly resembles the structure of modern capitalist society, where those with wealth and privilege have access to knowledge and the rest are trapped behind low bandwidths and paywalls. Struggles against commodification are crucial, on and offline.

  • Canadian Dimension July/August 2013

    July/August 2013: Sports: Views from Left Field

    Volume 47, Issue 4

    The views from left field are of course critical of the way sports culture has been corrupted by commercialization and pressure to win at any price, to say nothing of the way professional sports is used to support war andempire.

  • Canadian Dimension May/June 2013

    May/June 2013: The Battle for Canada’s North

    Volume 47, Issue 3

    The north remains a colony inside Canada. With its resources being pursued that much more fervently by mining and energy capital in recent decades, it has become even more a contested terrain as indigenous communities organize themselves to protect their traditional lands from being ripped apart by rapacious corporations.

  • Canadian Dimension March/April 2013

    March/April 2013: 50th anniversary issue

    Volume 47, Issue 2

    The Canadian Dimension of 2013, is, in many ways, the same as the Canadian Dimension of 1963 — an alternative mirror of our life and times, a sharp stick in the eye of authority, a cry for justice, an attempt to illuminate the often murky way forward. But in 1963 we didn’t write about feminism, the environment, human rights, gay liberation, and the connection between the politics we espouse and the way we live our lives. Leftish thinking, and socialism for that matter, hadn’t considered these issues, much less understood their importance.

  • Canadian Dimension January/February 2013

    January/February 2013: Youth Rising

    Volume 47, Issue 1

    Youth radicalism was a big part of Canadian Dimension’s first decade, 1963–1973. It asserted itself again after the “Battle of Seattle” at the end of the 1990s in the struggles against corporate globalization. With the Occupy movement and in particular the Québec Student strike, youth activism is once again a leading force for social change.

  • Canadian Dimension November/December 2012

    November/December 2012: The Art of Protest

    Volume 46, Issue 6

    “If society has an imagination to express its desires and fears, it is activated through art….If social change is on the agenda, then art must make up a large part of the toolkit.”

  • Canadian Dimension September/October 2012

    September/October 2012: Québec Students Teach the World a Lesson

    Volume 46, Issue 5

    “Following in the footsteps of the Chilean student protests, the mobilization of Québec students has ignited the fuse of a growing powder keg of popular anger against neoliberalism in Québec, in Canada and in other parts of the world. We are witnessing an unprecedented mobilization to defend public education and with it the very idea of the common good, against the privatization of social relations.”

  • Canadian Dimension July/August 2012

    July/August 2012: The Limits of Medicine in a Sick Society

    Volume 46, Issue 4

    Medicare was born in conflict. The notorious Saskatchewan Doctors’ Strike aimed to abort it. That was 50 years ago. This issue of Dimension offers an historical perspective on that birth with an essay by Lorne Brown and Doug Taylor (who are preparing a book on the 50th anniversary of Medicare.) Ulli Diemer exposes “Ten Myths about Medicare,” and health economist Robert Chernomas discusses one of those myths in detail: the controversial sustainability question.

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