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  • Stories from the front line of the victorious abortion struggle in Canada

    Monday, January 28 is the anniversary of the deepest and most important victory the women’s movement in Canada has ever had. After almost 20 years of struggle, beginning with the Abortion Caravan in 1970, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the abortion law in a landmark decision citing women’s right to privacy — in effect women’s rights to control their own bodies.

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  • Idle No More: A profound social movement that is already succeeding

    Idle No More builds on a proud history of Indigenous struggle for self-determination at a national and international level. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal, Section 35 in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are all the result of those struggles upon which Idle No More is building.

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  • 2012: A Year of Activism from Maple Spring to Idle No More

    I think we will look back at 2012 as the year that everything changed. The year began with what became a powerful strike of Quebec students against an intransigent government and ended with an historic movement of Indigenous peoples across the country declaring they will be Idle No More.

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  • So sad for the people of Gaza

    During the last attack in 2009, I was angry, furious at the slaughter of hundreds of people of Gaza trapped in a tiny slip of land without any protection. So I participated in an occupation of Jewish women of the Israeli consulate. As you will see from the video I was furious and ready for action. This time my feeling is more sadness.

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  • Understanding the Victory of Thomas Mulcair

    Most of the mainstream media, with the help of the Mulcair and Topp campaigns, constructed the leadership battle at the NDP convention as a battle between those who wanted to move to the centre to win government and those who wanted to win maintaining the “traditional” social democratic values of the NDP.

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  • An extraordinary day in the life of Occupy Toronto

    It’s hard to create a community based on love and compassion in the middle of a society based on greed and fear. The hippies tried it without much success even in the backwoods. We tried it in the women’s movement but even in all-women groups, the training we received in a patriarchal society restricted our ability to achieve it. The Occupy camps are the closest I’ve seen to that beloved community that has so escaped our grasp.

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  • The Eviction of Occupy Toronto: An amazing, inspiring and sad day

    It’s hard to create a community based on love and compassion in the middle of a society based on greed and fear. The Occupy camps are the closest I’ve seen to that beloved community that has so escaped our grasp. It was never clearer to me than yesterday when Occupy Toronto was taken down by the City, the courts and the police for the terrible crime of camping in a city park.

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  • The morning after: Where are we and where do we go from here?

    It was an extraordinary election. Both Stephen Harper and Jack Layton got the results they were aiming for. Stephen Harper got his majority and Jack Layton replaced the Liberal Party not only as the Official Opposition but quite possibly as the only federal alternatives to the Harperites. Canada now looks like so many other countries with one party on the Right and one on the Left. So why do I feel so bad?

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  • Vote for the Canada You Want

    The polls for this election are astonishing. The latest Harris-Décima poll in Quebec puts the NDP 20 points in advance of the Bloc Quebecois, 42% vs 22%. In the national polls the NDP is climbing closer to the Tories by the day as the Liberals fall. I am not a big believer in polls and I hate the horse race coverage of elections but it is hard to believe that all these polls are wrong. If everyone votes, the NDP will certainly be at least the official opposition for the first time in Canadian history.

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  • IWD: 100 years of struggle for women’s liberation

    We have achieved a revolution in the status of women in the hundred years since IWD began. But we have not yet fully transformed the ancient system of patriarchy that continues to promote male domination, militarism and the objectification and oppression of women.

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