Gad Horowitz: Canadian intellectual

Gad Horowitz was a frequent contributor to Canadian Dimension and a member of its editorial board in the early days of the magazine. He emerged as one of Canada’s leading political philosophers. A book of essays in his honour, edited by Shannon Bell and Peter Kulchyski, will be published in 09 by the University of Toronto Press. Shannon Bell produced this intriguing video of some reflections of Gad Horowitz for the 2008 Congress of Learned Societies held on the University of British Columbia campus.

Matthew Brett

Matthew Brett is the Canadian Dimension social media editor. Follow him on twitter: (@mattbrett_1984) or Read more by Matthew Brett.

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Leo Panitch, professor, editor of The Socialist Register

Dimension continues to be a gathering place of a Left in Canada that remains remarkably vibrant and committed — and this is revealed in every issue of the magazine. Bravo!

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