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  • Canada’s New Climate Abolitionists

    Today, as we face down the reality of a warming and destabilized climate, the environmental movement is in need of new energy. This new surge of energy and organizing on campuses, in high schools, in communities and on the frontline of destruction is inspiring, and a sign that the youth climate movement may finally be ready to take on the task at hand.

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  • Harper takes on Environmental Terrorists

    Soon after the 2011 election, with his majority government at last in hand, Prime Minister Harper decided that nothing, but nothing, was more important to Canada’s entire future than a pipeline to carry oil from Alberta to the Pacific. This came as a shock to many Canadians, first because it hadn’t been raised in the election, second because many believe that to combat global warming we must reduce, not expand, our reliance on fossil fuels.

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  • Alter Summit: A People’s Manifesto

    Europe stands on the edge of a precipice, looking into the abyss. Austerity policies drive the people of Europe into poverty, undercut democracy and dismantle social policies. Rising inequalities endanger social cohesion. Ecological destruction is worsening while acute humanitarian crises devastate the most affected countries. Women and young people are hardest hit.

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  • How Martin Luther King’s legacy speaks to our Canadian reality

    From the Arab Spring to the global movement to end violence against women and girls, from anti-austerity protests in Europe to Occupy Wall Street, from rebellions of urban youth in France and the U.K. to indigenous struggles in the Americas, once again people are on the move the world over. We are waiting for new systems of justice and equality to be born.

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  • Organized Labour and New Social Media

    It is fair to say that Canadians are increasingly using New Social Media for personal and professional networking. But what does this mean for organized labour?

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  • Mr Harper’s End Game

    It is telling that the Idle No More movement started with four First Nations women—Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon and Sheelah McLean who gave the first “Idle No More” teach-in. Sylvia McAdam is a lawyer, as is Tanya Kappo, who first tweeted #idlenomore.

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  • We are unstoppable; another world is possible

    From time immemorial, youth have provided the catalytic energy and risk-taking behaviour for any social movement worth its name. When triggering events occur for the movement, it is invariably young people who are the first responders, pouring into the streets and demanding change.

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  • The Right-Left Alliance between Egypt and Argentina

    Once again world public opinion faces a most bizarre political event: an alliance between political forces on the extreme Right and the Left, including collaboration between NATO regimes and Marxist sects. The apparent unity of opposites is response to alleged policy and institutional changes made by center-left and center-right regimes, which adversely affect both economic and political elites as well as the popular sectors.

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  • We are Legion

    We are Legion not only interviews key figures associated with Anonymous but presents a fairly scholarly but riveting account of its origins, much of which should be of avid interest to the left. When so many gray-haired veterans of the left fret over when “fresh blood” will arrive, We are Legion makes it clear that help is on the way even if it does not exactly conform to past expectations.

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  • The Québec Spring and the Ambiguous Role of Québec’s Union Movement

    The strength and determination of Québec’s student movement against tuition fee hikes can only be accounted for by a number of factors that have contributed to radicalizing the protest and politicizing the conflict.

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