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  • Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics

    Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics ( Nww Star Books, 2013) is both a tribute to a true Canadian hero and a reminder that once, not so long ago, an individual could make a difference in politics.

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  • The NDP’s Harper-like Foreign Policy

    Is the NDP the solution or part of the problem for those us who promote a Canadian foreign policy that favours ordinary people around the world?

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  • Reinventing Progressive Politics

    We are so accustomed to the connection between political parties and democracy that to question the relationship between the two might seem absurd. But for those who recognize the multiple crises faced by humanity — the destruction of our environment, climate change, the ravages of unfettered finance capital, the undeniable limits to growth — the failure of our liberal, multi-party democracies seems increasingly obvious.

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  • Keep True, NDP

    Keep True is a better read than its rather lame title might suggest. Pawley recounts his career in a clear, crisp and concise manner. His record of his time in government can be helpful in teaching activists how to build a progressive movement capable of winning political office. This would be of no small benefit: as the crushing of the Occupy movement shows, those who wish to effect democratic change will need the power of government as well as the support of the streets. But if activists need guidance on what to do when they form government, they will need to look further.

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  • Liberals or NDP need to take control from all-powerful ‘corporate elite’

    With the next federal election a little more than two years away, it is time we started asking the Liberals and New Democrats what kind of government they will deliver if either one can bounce the Conservatives from power.

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  • Defeating Harper from Below

    The swaggeringly pro-capitalist, neoliberal and militarist Harper juggernaut makes enquiring into its limits seem impertinent. So, prima facie, do developments elsewhere. The 2008 financial crisis, the greatest crisis of neoliberalism, appeared to reinforce the power of capital everywhere. However, a longer historical perspective appears more encouraging.

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  • Jack deserves better than ‘Jack’

    Neither Rick Roberts nor Lee come close to resurrecting Layton or Chow. Roberts’s awkward smiles, for instance, don’t even begin to do justice to the sneaky, playful Layton we all knew. Lee has her moments (especially early on) and might have been able to do a better job in a different scenario but with the wooden role she is given in the script there is no room to bring to life the clever, boisterous and ultra-active Chow that we know.

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  • Canada needs a NDP-Liberal-Green Coalition

    There is no question that Canada has a dysfunctional political system in which the views of the majority of Canadians cannot be represented by a single political party. Although almost two-thirds of Canada’s voters in the last three elections opposed the platform, policies, and philosophy of the Conservative party, it is the Conservatives who have formed the government. The majority vote was split amongst four parties, thereby thwarting the predominant will of the people and making a mockery of democracy. And this may very well continue into the future.

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  • The NDP, poised for power but to what effect?

    Fifty years after its founding, the New Democratic Party swept to Official Opposition status in Ottawa on May 2, 2011, propelled by the “Orange wave” in Québec where it captured an astounding 43% of the popular vote. Canada-wide, the NDP share of the vote increased from 18% in the previous federal election (2008) to 30.6%.

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  • Is the NDP becoming Liberal Lite?

    The NDP’s future success depends on increasing people’s expectations of what is possible – not further decreasing them.

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Jack Layton, former Federal Leader, NDP

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