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  • The NDP’s Harper-like Foreign Policy

    Is the NDP the solution or part of the problem for those us who promote a Canadian foreign policy that favours ordinary people around the world?

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  • Boston and Venezuela: Terrorism There and Here

    Two major terrorists’ attacks took place almost simultaneously: in Boston, two Chechen terrorists set off bombs during the annual Boston Marathon killing three people and injuring 170; in Venezuela, terrorist-supporters of defeated presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, assassinated 8 and injured 70 supporters of victorious Socialist Party candidate Nicolas Maduro, in the course of firebombing 8 health clinics and several Party offices and homes.

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  • The end of CIDA - Planned and Predictable

    The planned merger is the death sentence for an agency that obviously has no place in the vision of a (neo)conservative government

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  • Forging the chains that chaffe

    Beware the government whose only bottom line is the bottom line. And don’t be conned. This foreign policy is bad for Canada and bad for the world.

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  • Harper’s Canada and NATO

    Harper’s Conservatives are enamored with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Canada played a central role in last year’s NATO-led bombing of Libya and nearly 1000 Canadian military “trainers” continue to participate in a war the organization is waging in Afghanistan. Last year Defense Minister Peter MacKay justified a plan to establish 7 Canadian military bases around the world, partly on the grounds that “we are big players in NATO.”

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  • The Global Economic Crisis—Part 1

    Canadian Dimension posed a number of questions to three well-known economists to reflect on the roots of the crisis and what lies ahead, and to advance some progressive options. This week we publish the responses from Jim Standford, author of Ecomonics for Everyone and economist with the Canadian Auto Workers, Canada’s largest private-sector trade union.

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  • Whose Freedom? Canada in Libya

    There has been remarkably little opposition to Canada’s participation in the overthrow of Muamar Gaddafi. Each of the major political parties endorsed Canada’s initial involvement and its subsequent extension. While a substantial movement against Canada’s participation in the war in Afghanistan was developed and maintained for years, nothing comparable in scale has arisen in response to NATO policy in Libya.

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  • Harper’s Love Affair with Israel

    Considering this history, it’s not surprising that Ottawa opposes the Palestinian national liberation struggle. To focus on the Jewish lobby is to downplay Canada’s broader pro-colonial, pro-empire foreign policy. It is a mistake to view Ottawa’s support for Israel in isolation.

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  • Web Exclusive: All Unquiet on the Northern Front

    Canada’s foreign political goals are often painted in altruistic glory, intervening abroad to liberate women, sending children to school and partnering with allies to prevent “rogue” states from acquiring nuclear weapons. Deeply woven into this ideology are notions of humanitarianism, freedom, human rights and a tinge of social democracy that instills a sense of pride in many, if not most, Canadians.

    Even when successive Liberal and Conservative governments have acted almost systematically to dismantle these values, this deep-rooted liberal ideology persists. The media are perhaps the most effective at instilling this ideology, which says something about the supposed left of mainstream Canada. And again, this ideology is no different from what has been achieved in earlier, more violent times.

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  • Naked Empire

    The Century itself began with a sham election. Bush’s presidential qualifications equaled mine as a religious icon painter. No matter. The Supreme Court established that democracy did not include counting votes in Florida. Now, misdirected U.S. residents enter the second decade of the Century as victims because of scams and con jobs perpetrated by CEOs.

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