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  • Canada’s New Climate Abolitionists

    Today, as we face down the reality of a warming and destabilized climate, the environmental movement is in need of new energy. This new surge of energy and organizing on campuses, in high schools, in communities and on the frontline of destruction is inspiring, and a sign that the youth climate movement may finally be ready to take on the task at hand.

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  • What Happens When the Shale Boom Goes Boom?

    Recent headlines in the US press about the coming economic boom heralded by the shale gas revolution would lead you to think we are literally swimming in oil. But is the shale revolution all it’s fracked up to be?

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  • U.S. Corporations Launch Wave of NAFTA Attacks on Canada’s Energy, Fracking, and Medicines Policies

    U.S. corporations have launched an alarming new offensive against Canadian health and environmental policies under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Three U.S. firms recently announced plans to use the “trade” pact to seek nearly one billion taxpayer dollars in private, NAFTA-created tribunals as compensation for Canadian policies on fracking, wind energy, and medicine patents.

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  • Pipeline politics

    Petroleum giant Enbridge Inc. has taken huge strides in recent weeks to complete its plan to transport tar sands oil to eastern Canada and from there to foreign markets.

    Already assured of support from the Harper government, the company is rapidly lining up further backing from provincial politicians and industry players, including a key trade union. And it is fast-tracking the regulatory approval process.

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  • David Suzuki: ‘We’ve got to be ready to put our bodies on the line’

    Environmental activists, climate justice organizers and Indigenous people are preparing the Defend Our Coast rally on Monday (Oct. 22) in Victoria, B.C. But as people voice their opposition to oil sands, pipelines and tankers on the coast, why have decades of struggle to protect the Earth not succeeded in changing the growth-based economy?

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  • Pipeline to Perdition

    The photo ops of the Canadian prime minister petting panda bears and cuddling kittens have all been calculated to humanize Stephen Harper and project an image of someone who gives a damn about the environment and the well-being of other species. But no amount of spin can conceal his escalating war on nature and wildlife in the interest of the oil and gas industry.

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  • Nukes in the Bruce

    18 communities are being considered by NWMO to host an underground repository for high-level nuclear waste (used fuel) from all the reactors in Canada.

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  • Does Anyone in Government Really Care About Canadian Jobs?

    The Canadian government has promoted the pipeline as creating thousands of jobs. But this is only during the construction phase. Enbridge’s own submission to the Joint Review Panel on the Northern Gateway pipeline suggests that the operations phase would create perhaps as few as 104 permanent jobs, and only 26 directly in Alberta. Give or take some other jobs involving regular maintenance and, sadly enough, dealing with environmental damages, Canada’s net benefit in shipping its raw bitumen seems negligible.

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  • Our Dying Planet

    By the end of this century, coral reef ecosystems will very likely be extinct. Think about the magnitude of that statement for a minute, requests ecologist and coral reef expert Peter F. Sale in Our Dying Planet.

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  • “Gendering climate and sustainability”: why bother?

    That was the title of a three-day conference in Denmark, preceding the UN Climate Change Negotiations, in 2009. Gender climate means considering women and men different interests, needs and choices in climate change questions.

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