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  • Blood Along the Border

    Some estimate that in the state of Chihuahua alone, 40 activists have been killed since December 2006, something likened to an ideological cleansing of environmental and human rights activists in the state.

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  • David Suzuki: ‘We’ve got to be ready to put our bodies on the line’

    Environmental activists, climate justice organizers and Indigenous people are preparing the Defend Our Coast rally on Monday (Oct. 22) in Victoria, B.C. But as people voice their opposition to oil sands, pipelines and tankers on the coast, why have decades of struggle to protect the Earth not succeeded in changing the growth-based economy?

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  • Duets for Abdelrazik

    Duets for Abdelrazik, a benefit record, is “a meditation on the fact that we live in a country where the government’s actions led to the torture of a Canadian citizen.”

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  • Protesters to Occupy Wall Street

    While big marches and sit-ins during the struggle for black rights and an end to the Vietnam War were effective tools for promoting change, such tactics in North America now appear to be losing steam as effective tactics.

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  • Nameless and homeless: Affordable housing—if not now, when?

    Today, it’s widely acknowledged that the “deinstitutionalization” of psychiatric survivors has been a total failure and fraud; it was from the very start. Why? Because of government incompetence and negligence, poor urban planning, and public indifference to “discharged” psychiatric survivors and other poor, marginalized and stigmatized people in our communities.

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  • A deep green burial

    This is an account of David’s burial for those who could not attend. His deep green burial ceremony was a reflection of his deep green beliefs. It was a moving tribute to a man who devoted his life to fighting for the Earth and all living beings.

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  • Once more around the Bloc

    Our democratic freedoms hang by a narrow thread, and a police state is always near at hand — that is one of the lessons of the G20 debacle that unfolded in Toronto on June 26 and 27.

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  • Dispatches from the Detriot USSF #2

    Unlike the World Social Forum and Social Forums in other countries,the USSF has few NGOs here and no celebrity stars. These were mostly people from local groups of grassroot activists.

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  • From Cochabamba to Cancun

    The Cochabamba Conference on Climate Change has issued a call to build “a global peoples movement for climate justice”. A novel feature of this call is that it is supported by progressive countries, mainly those of the Alba Alliance (Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, etc), as well as by social movements, primarily but not exclusively, from Latin America.

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  • Radical Winnipeg

    As you cross the Slaw Rebchuck bridge, a cement arch straddling the vast rail yard that in earlier times cut off the city’s north from its south and center, a sign is visible. Opposite a high school named for a prominent organizer of the Winnipeg General Strike, on the sloped, brown roof of Nepon Motors, it reads “Welcome to the North End: People Before Profits.” Only an aspiration, I know — but where else but in Winnipeg would you find this welcoming?

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Jack Layton, former Federal Leader, NDP

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