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  • Labour

    Community Unionism

    Although they are still a new model, Unifor’s community chapters have a lot of potential. The concept came out of the rigorous process undertaken by the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP) and the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW) part of creating the blueprint of the new Unifor. Roxanne Dubois is a staff member of Unifor active in community unionism development.

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  • Middle East

    Not just random hatred

    In the latest series of Israeli massacres of Palestinians the power dynamics between occupier and occupied fit a structural pattern at work for over six decades.

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  • Africa

    Venezuela at a tipping point

    No matter how you cut it, nicolás Maduro’s first year in office was no walk in the park. Even before the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died after a long bout with cancer last March, opponents of the Bolivarian government—in Caracas as in Washington—were circling like the sharks they are at a hint of blood in the water.

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  • Canadian Politics, Economy and Foreign Policy

    Vancouver Votes: Hope for COPE?

    For a city embraced by mountains on one side and ocean on the other, Vancouver can seem like an unhappy place. And with a civic election scheduled for November 15, smack in the middle of the rainy season, it will take some major mobilizing to improve the mood of left-wing residents.

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  • Understanding the civil war in Ukraine

    The roots of the Ukrainian conflict are domestic and profound; outside intervention, while significant, is a secondary factor. David Mandel explores the complexities of the conflict. (more)

  • From the Athabasca to Al Quds

    Israel plans to launch extreme energy projects. If these plans come to fruition, Israeli emissions from synthetic oil production could have a greater carbon intensity than bitumen into synthetic oil production in Canada. (more)

  • Direct action disrupts Jewish-Canadian complicity in settler colonialism

    On August 7, twenty Jews living in Montreal gathered in the lobby of the Federation CJA (Combined Jewish Appeal) building to denounce the ongoing massacre and siege on Gaza as well as the organized Jewish community’s complicity in it. We hung a banner that read “Massacre à Gaza: CIJA is complicit.” Read why. (more)

  • Gaza: What a destructive and unnecessary war!

    The war in Gaza is really about Israel stopping a fledgling Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas that might have paved way for a two-state solution in Israel Palestine. (more)

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Alert! Radio

An Evening with Chris Hedges—Toronto (September 30th) — As part of our on-going 50th anniversary celebrations, Canadian Dimension hosted an evening with Chris Hedges on Sept 20, 2013 at Bloor Street United Church in Toronto. At the event Hedges details the destruction of the left, the power of the Occupy movement among other topics. The audio includes introductions by Simon Black and Jim Stanford. Thanks to Sean Michael Turrell for the audio and all those who made the evening so wonderful.

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Paul Moist, CUPE National President

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