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  • Canadian Business

    Canada’s transformation under neoliberalism

    In one of his most comprehensive recent articles, Unifor economist Jim Stanford provides a critical overview of Canada’s hard economic turn to the right.

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  • Asia

    China in the age of transition

    A new Chinese revolution could turn the global balance of power again to the favor of the global working classes and progressive social forces, argues Minqi Li in this Canadian Dimension exclusive from our latest magazine issue.

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  • Canadian Politics, Economy and Foreign Policy

    From Minimum Wage to Minimum Program

    Demands for a living wage must be seen as barely the beginning of what needs to be a comprehensive campaign for better paying jobs and greater income equality. We need to shift from a minimum wage to a minimum program.

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  • Canadian Politics, Economy and Foreign Policy

    The 2014 Peoples’ Social Forum: Organizing the fight against the Right

    The first ever pan-Canadian social forum will be held this year in Ottawa from August 21 to 24. More than 10,000 participants from all over Canada are expected to come to the University of Ottawa to discuss ways and means of combating the austerity policies of the Harper regime and the provincial governments. Read activist and organiser Roger Rashi detail the scale of the forum.

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  • Middle East

    Israeli peace activist Miko Peled, in conversation

    For Miko Peled, an Israeli peace activist, a one-state solution is inevitable. For years he has been speaking around the world, advocating for a single, democratic state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians. We bring you Mersiha Gadzo in conversation with Peled on his upbringing, a one-state solution, resistance, U.S. regional influence, 1967 and more.

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  • An open letter on the Fair Elections Act

    Today, we the undersigned, urge the government to withdraw the bill and draft truly fair election reforms based on meaningful consultations with opposition parties, non-partisan experts, Elections Canada and the public. (more)

  • Putin, petrorubles and our PM’s bad posture

    Stephen Harper’s embarrassing behaviour regarding the crisis in Ukraine misses the bigger picture: a Russia-driven shift in global currency allegiance that could devastate the economies of the U.S. and Canada. It’s a shift that Harper is helping with his rhetoric and actions. (more)

  • A practical solution to an urgent need

    A personal story about life in a GM factory, alcoholism and the consequences of capitalism upon the individual. A story about why we need a new vision and a practical plan to get there. (more)

  • If I Had a Hammer: David Rovics’ songs of social significance

    We would do well to add If I Had a Hammer to our political playlists and to learn from David Rovics’ songs generally as we build our movements to bring about social change. (more)

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Alert! Radio

An Evening with Chris Hedges—Toronto (September 30th) — As part of our on-going 50th anniversary celebrations, Canadian Dimension hosted an evening with Chris Hedges on Sept 20, 2013 at Bloor Street United Church in Toronto. At the event Hedges details the destruction of the left, the power of the Occupy movement among other topics. The audio includes introductions by Simon Black and Jim Stanford. Thanks to Sean Michael Turrell for the audio and all those who made the evening so wonderful.

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James Petras, professor and author

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